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Your trip can help shape a better future for children

On average, more than 10 million people fly every day. Through the Click for Change Campaign, we have begun the journey to enable any of these travelers to make a donation to UNICEF when they buy travel online, directly helping the world’s most disadvantaged children. (UNICEF does not endorse any brand, product or service)

Clicks for Change are already happening here:

The program is open to more travel websites. Interested in participating?

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UNICEF’s work for children

UNICEF works for a world in which every child has a fair chance in life. All children deserve the chance to be happy and healthy, to explore their world safely, and to reach their full potential.

Yet the rights of millions of children are blocked by deprivation and discrimination based on factors beyond their control – their gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, place of birth or whether they live with a disability, for example.

When children do not have a fair chance in life, significant inequalities emerge between those who have the most and those who have the least. Those inequalities are passed from generation to generation in a vicious circle that has significant economic, political and social consequences – leading to an unequal and unfair world.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With smart investments and targeted actions, every child can have a fair chance in life.

UNICEF´s report

For every child, a fair chance: The promise of equity.

For every child, a fair chance: The promise of equity.

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About Click For Change

Raising funds to help the world’s most vulnerable children 

When combining technology with the scale and reach of travel players like major airlines and online travel agencies, there is real potential to raise millions of dollars for those most in need. That is why Amadeus is facilitating a donation engine that enables the travel industry to solicit micro-donations from people around the world when they buy travel online.

The Amadeus Donation Engine works simply and effectively "behind the scenes" of online travel selling platforms. It enables the travel industry to solicit micro-donations securely and easily from people around the world, when they buy travel online. These micro-donations will be pooled together by UNICEF and dedicated to children´s projects in countries where there is critical need.,, & now live 

Travelers buying tickets on,, & have an opportunity to make a micro-donation towards children´s projects around the world. The program is open to more travel websites. Interested in participating? Click here​ .


An Innovative Model to Drive Donations

The global program to raise donations online through the travel industry combines four key strengths in a way that today remains untapped:

  • A keen understanding of the global travel sector coupled with technological capability to connect travel providers and sellers with travelers in multiple markets. 
  • The reach of commercial travel websites and their capacity to rally travelers around the world at the online point of sale.
  • The desire and will of individual people to contribute to social good.
  • The expertise and local networks of UNICEF that deliver programs for children worldwide, where there is the most need.

Amadeus Donation Engine

Travel providers and sellers, such as airline websites and online travel agents, can integrate a donation box on the online booking pages allowing travelers to simply add a donation to UNICEF as they complete the shopping process online. The donation payment is processed as a separate transaction from the travel purchase, simplifying things for the partner and for UNICEF. For the traveler, the micro-donation process itself will be simple and user friendly: a single click, that’s it.

If a traveler chooses to make a donation, they will receive a confirmation email.

"The technology solution that Amadeus has provided to UNICEF as a philanthropic contribution will help UNICEF harness a collective, global action to raise funds for children. We truly believe that investing in today’s children, especially in relation to their health and education helps break the cycle of poverty, contributing to create more stable societies and sustainable growth."

Tomás Lopez Fernebrand,
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Amadeus.

UNICEF Programs funded

IBERIA: Vaccinations


Every year, millions of children are born and need to be immunized. Vaccines keep children safe by protecting them against disease. Yet every day, almost a third of children under 5 die, usually because they don’t get the health care and life-saving vaccines they need. Diseases like measles, polio, tetanus, tuberculosis, diphtheria and whooping cough are all easily and cheaply preventable by immunization. Immunization is one of the most successful and cost-effective public health investments we can make for future generations. We provide vaccines to immunize one in three of the world’s children against preventable diseases. Join us and help us to change children´s lives.

ALMUNDO: UNICEF Argentina programs

UNICEF Argentina programs
UNICEF Argentina programs


The resources generated through enter the general budget of UNICEF Argentina programs. The UNICEF activities in Argentina can be seen here​ .

FINNAIR: Schools for Asia

Bihar, India
Bihar, India


Schools for Asia initiative supports quality education for more than 40 million children in 11 countries in Asia. The greatest investment a nation can make is in the education of its children. Education leads to greater economic growth, improved public health, and a more resilient and peaceful society. The Schools for Asia Initiative aims to do just that – to help build a world where every child can grow up to be healthy, protected from harm, and educated so they can reach their full potential. Launched in 2012, Schools for Asia supports the UNICEF education program in 11 countries in Asia, in four program areas: early learning, quality learning, equity and education in emergencies. Thanks to this support over 40 million children have directly benefited from a better education.