Social responsibility

Amadeus Social Responsibility supports the sustainable development of disadvantaged communities through our technology, our people and our expertise, in the markets we serve. Together with our partners, Amadeus strives to create long-term positive impact and value.

Building a sustainable, socially responsible future

Amadeus Social Responsibility contributes to inclusive development of communities, in the countries where we operate, improving how travel and tourism can make a positive impact.

Our company commitment to create sustainable profitable growth and long-term value to all our stakeholders requires us to also have a positive social impact. We want to be actively involved in understanding and nurturing both the commercial and social, in order to meet the requirements of today while we lay a robust foundation for tomorrow.

Our projects leverage our core strengths: Amadeus people and their expertise, our advanced technology and the reach of global travel.


Three core program areas

Technology for good

In partnerships with our customers, intergovernmental organizations and global NGOs, we provide technology and data solutions that increase the reach and impact of multimarket social and digital inclusion projects.

Knowledge & skills transfer

In collaboration with academia, local governments and our customers, we equip young people with skills that the digitalized travel and tourism industry requires.

Community support

We engage in a wide array of projects around the world to reduce poverty and inequality. This includes volunteering and fundraising in our local communities.
Amadeus employees giving water to the community

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Supporting UNICEF by raising sustained funding through the global travel market, for projects that empower young people.

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Amadeus Social responsibility has a global footprint.

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