Amadeus helps the travel industry meet the needs of the present without jeopardizing the long term prosperity of the industry, natural, cultural and economic resources, using our technical expertise and business network.

Our sustainability credentials

Sustainability expands through all we do as a business. With our technology, global network and travel industry expertise, we are in a unique position to make a positive contribution to the sustainability of our industry. 

We consider that sustainability includes environmental, economic, social and governance practices. In this respect, Amadeus scores in sustainability indices are among the best in the industry, which proves we move in the right direction.

We are conscious sustainability is a road, rather than a destination, and continuous improvement is required if we want to contribute to the long-term sustainable growth of our company and our industry.

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Amadeus Global Report 2019

Provides a comprehensive and transparent view of our activity in 2019. Our Global Report covers financial and non-financial performance, being an overview of the company with an economic, social and environmental outlook.

Our recognition in sustainability

Examples of strategic partners


UN Global Connect | Amadeus

UN Global Compact

UN Global Compact is a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to takes steps to support UN goals.

Amadeus profile on UN Global Compact Website 

Social responsibility

Amadeus Social Responsibility supports the sustainable development of disadvantaged communities through our technology, our people and our expertise, in the markets we serve. Together with our partners, Amadeus strives to create long-term positive impact and value.

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Environmental sustainability

Amadeus contribution to the environmental sustainability of the industry requires first to “walk the talk” by monitoring and reducing our own impact and then help the industry with our technology to improve its environmental performance, working in partnerships with travel and tourism related stakeholders.

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Industry relations

Industry relations is working together with the most relevant travel and tourism stakeholders worldwide in areas of mutual interest to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the industry going forward.

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Industry relations

Code of ethics and business conduct

Amadeus’ code of ethics and business conduct adheres to the very highest ethical standards in corporate governance, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability.

Code of ethics and business conduct

Diversity & Inclusion

Amadeus was born as a multi-cultural and diverse company and we continue to pursue diversity and inclusion across the entire spectrum of our business.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Employee benefits

Amadeus offers its employees a comprehensive range of learning and development opportunities closely aligned with business needs and strategy.

Employee benefits

Sustainability awards



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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (CEBC)


Amadeus Environmental Policy


Amadeus Human Rights Policy


Amadeus Social Responsibility Policy and Practice


Building a sustainable workplace

Towards becoming a carbon neutral company. Environmental measures implemented in 2019.

Review upcoming report on carbon emissions

Dr. Susanne Becken, Griffith University, and Lucas Bobes,, Amadeus, discuss the carbon emissions co-authored report.

Low carbon footprint = better journeys

What can we do to make our travel sustainable and not leave a big carbon footprint behind?

Changing the world one cup at a time

Our work has a global impact but together, we can change the world, one plastic-free item at the time!

Zero waste – reduce, reuse and recycle

Connecting the entire travel industry impacts the world. That’s why we take the zero-waste challenge seriously..

More women in tech? Challenge accepted!

By empowering women all around the world, we power better journeys for a better future for all.