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Statement in response to the European Commission's inquiry

Corporate Communications

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Amadeus takes note of today’s announcement from the European Commission on its intention to investigate the airline distribution market in the EU, which has been expected for some time.

We will cooperate fully and openly with the Commission in this process, to ensure that it takes into account all relevant factors, and to address all concerns the Commission may have. The process will confirm that Amadeus’ business practices are fully aligned with legal and regulatory requirements.

Amadeus stands for fairness and neutrality in airline distribution, providing non-discriminatory and neutral market access for airlines and choice for consumers and travel buyers. It is well documented that the neutral marketplace provided by the GDS is facilitating comparison and choice, thus providing European citizens with competition among airlines resulting in lower ticket prices. Amadeus will continue to make the case forcefully for the need for a strong and neutral marketplace for airline distribution.

Amadeus is at the forefront of technology innovation in the travel industry, as recognised by the European Union’s Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard, which has recognised the company as the leading R&D investor in the travel industry. For example, we have worked very closely with both airlines and travel agencies on our NDC-X development program to ensure that the new distribution standards provide an improved distribution environment for everyone while maintaining the fairness and neutrality the market needs to be efficient.

Airlines are always free to decide which products and services they make available to consumers through travel agents using the Amadeus GDS, and travel agents are free to choose to work with one or more GDS or aggregator in the market, thus taking advantage of the fierce competition between them.

Airline distribution is affected by many inter-dependent factors, including the commercial behavior of airlines and airline groups. The review of any one factor must take into account its dependence and impact on all other factors to avoid undermining the neutral marketplace and thereby harming consumers. Amadeus will continue to engage constructively with the Commission around these issues.