Convertible bond issuance

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Key transaction terms


IssuerAmadeus IT Group, S.A.
ListingFrankfurt Stock Exchange
RatingBaaa2 (Negative) Moody's/BBB (Negative) S&P
DocumentationBase Prospectus
StatusSenior Unsecured
Issue sizeEur 750,000,000
Settlement dateApril 9, 2020
Maturity dateApril 5, 2025
Coupon datesSemi annually
Underlying sharesc. 13,736,264, represents 3.0% of the share capital after the increase of April2, 2020
Reference Price€39.0
Coupon1.5% (Annual)
Initial Conversion Price€54.60
Conversion premium40%
Early redemption at the option of the issuerThe issuer will have the option to redeem all, but not some only, of the outstanding Bonds in cash at par plus accrued interest at any time, (a) if, on or after 30 April 2023, the 3 parity value for a specified period of time in respect of a Bond in the principal amount of €100,000 exceeds €130,000 or b) if, at any time, 80% or more of the aggregate principal amount of the Bonds originally issued shall have been previously converted and/or repurchased and cancelled.