Find all the Annual and Quarterly Financial published since 2013. The documentation corresponding to previous years (since the IPO in 2010) is available upon request.

On this webpage, Amadeus makes available all Annual and Quarterly Financial Information. The documentation from the current year is posted on the corresponding section and the previous years’ documentation down to 2013 is available through the download centre. The documentation corresponding to the 2010-2012 period will be available upon request through our IR inbox .

The Quarterly Information includes the following financial documents issued on a quarterly basis and reported to the CNMV:

  • Management Review
  • Results Presentation
  • Results Press Release
  • Any other related official documentation.

The Annual Reports contain the annual financial statements and management reports  (including the non-financial information) of Amadeus IT Group, S.A., both individual and consolidated with its subsidiaries, as well as the respective audit reports. 

Presentations regarding specific events of interest such as acquisitions or Capital Market Days can be found under the Presentation section where you can also find our introductory presentation.

Debt and rating

Financial strategy

The Group's long term financial strategy pursues the following objectives:

  • Reduce cost of financing by reducing the credit spreads
  • Diversify funding sources 
  • Increase flexibility
  • Extend the maturity profile of our debt

Overview of Amadeus' debt structure

  Description Amount Maturity Comments
Capital markets financing Euro Bond €500m Oct 2020 Bullet in October 2020
€500m Nov 2021 Bullet in November 2021
€500m Mar 2022 Bullet in March 2022
€500m Sep 2023 Bullet in September 2023
€500m Sep 2026 Bullet in September 2026
EIB Loans Development Loan



May 2021


First loan:

Senior loan of €200m to finance R&D investment in IT. Amortising: bi-annual payments from Nov 2015 (first tranche of €150m) and Nov 2016 (second tranche of €50m), last payment in May 2021


€90m May 2022

Second loan:

Senior loan of  €150m to finance R&D investment in Distribution. Amortising: bi-annual payments from Nov 2017, last payment in May 2022

ECP European Commercial Paper €750m Max 364 days Short term financing facility
Revolving Credit Facilities Revolving(1)


Apr 2023

Available liquidity to cover working capital needs and other
(1) As of June 2019 the revolving credit facility maturing in April 2023 remained undrawn

Debt maturity profile as of June 30, 2019 (€m)


Euro Bonds

EIB loans

259 33 491 500 65 500 48 500 15 500 500 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026

Eurobond issuances

Amadeus has currently one program (Euro Medium Term Note Programme) for a maximum amount of 4,000 Million guaranteed by Amadeus IT Group S.A.

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Eurobond issuances

ECP issuance

Amadeus set ip in December 2014 an European Commercial Paper Program amounting € 500M, this program has been increased in accordance with the relevant fact issued on 10 August of 2016 to € 750M

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ECP issuance

Credit rating

On June 14, 2011 Amadeus IT Holding S.A. (currently Amadeus IT Group S.A.) obtained an "investment grade" credit rating from Standard & Poor's and Moody's. The corporate credit ratings obtained are as follows, in both cases with a "stable" perspective.

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Credit rating

Trade accounts payable information

Pursuant to the Spanish legislation in force, the disclosures related to the Directive on trade payables as of December 31, 2018 for the Spanish subsidiaries is set forth in the table below:


Average payment periods to suppliers (days) 23
Average payment terms  (days) 23
Outstanding payment transactions (days) 27
Total payments ordered  (in milion euros) 1,381
Total outstanding payments (in milion euros) 140

Trade operations with suppliers of good and services received since the initial date of the Law 31/2014, December 3, have been taken into consideration to calculate the average payment term to trade accounts payable.

The trade payables considered as account payables eligible to be disclosed in the consolidated financial statements are those which by nature are trade accounts payable with suppliers of goods and services and, therefore, are included under the ‘Trade accounts payable’ caption in the current liabilities in the consolidated statement of financial position.