Industry relations

Amadeus engages regularly with governments, public entities, trade associations and other institutions globally in areas of mutual interest to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the industry.

Industry relations

Amadeus' industry leadership comes with the responsibility to work with multiple stakeholders in the interest of the travel industry at large. The travel and tourism industry is becoming an increasingly strategic sector for the economies of most countries. For the industry to grow sustainably, governments and private stakeholders worldwide will have to pay more attention to how our industry improves its efficiency, reduces its carbon footprint and takes advantage of its potential as a catalyst for inclusive economic growth. Tackling these challenges requires completely new models of collaboration between industry players and the public sector. At Amadeus, we participate in, and often initiate, the industry debate on how collaboration should evolve. We see technology playing a key role in an increasingly digitalized travel and tourism marketplace; Amadeus therefore has an important role to play as a facilitator for the global teamwork that is needed to shape and safeguard a sustainable travel industry. 

Amadeus Industry Affairs works with public and private stakeholders across the global travel industry to build a common agenda based on the principles of neutrality and transparency, fair competition and respect for society around us. We take a fact-based approach to working with our partners to bridge differences and find solutions and standards that take into account the needs of all stakeholders in the travel value chain in a fair manner. In line with these principles, we have launched industry initiatives jointly with our partners, including environmental and social sustainability, regulatory and industry matters and consumer protection.

Key organizations we work with

Amadeus is frequently asked to contribute to regulatory reviews or give input to policy initiatives related to transport, travel and tourism, especially in areas where technology plays a key role. The travel and tourism industry is complex, and we are proud to be asked to contribute. We are happy to share our experience, insights and balanced perspectives, always supported by evidence and fact-based analysis.

In the vast landscape of different private sector and trade industry stakeholders in travel and tourism, Amadeus engages with selected players in an open and constructive dialog on industry issues. We collaborate in our own trade associations and partner with our airline and travel agency customer organizations to work toward common public policy goals. As an active partner, our door is always open. We have strong relationships, working closely with institutional stakeholders, consumer advocates and many other travel and tourism associations across the globe on a regular basis.

At an industry level, Amadeus is represented indirectly through our membership of the European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA) and the US Travel Technology Association (TravelTech). ETTSA and TravelTech represent the indirect distribution industry on regulatory and industry matters in the EU and the US, respectively.

Mapping of Amadeus stakeholders in the private sector & trade industry

We build strong relations with industry trade associations that represent the interests of our customers and other stakeholders in the travel sector.

Key organizations we work with

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