Amadeus Global Report 2019

The Global Report provides a comprehensive and transparent view of our activities, operations and performance in 2019. Its perspective covers financial and non-financial information, and we provide an overview of the company from an economic, social and environmental outlook.


Amadeus in the travel industry

Travel fulfills our need to explore the world, it builds economies, broadens cultures and creates connections between societies. The travel industry is dynamic, powerful and fast-moving.

Amadeus sits at the crossroads of travel and technology. We’re passionate in our pursuit of better technology to make better journeys. We connect travelers to the journeys they want, and we power the solutions that keep the world of travel moving.

What we do

What we do


Business lines

Amadeus operates a number of complementary business lines with significant commercial and technological synergies. Through them, we offer cutting-edge technology solutions that help key players of all types in the travel industry succeed.

Amadeus at the heart of travel

Amadeus at the heart of travel


Technology and innovation

The travel industry relies heavily on technology. This trend is accelerating with multiple channels and methods to interact with travelers, including emerging ones such as messaging, voice assistants and connected objects.

Amadeus R&D investment

Amadeus R&D investment (including capitalized R&D)


Amadeus people and culture

Amadeus’ people are our greatest competitive advantage and critical to the success of our strategy. We’ve built our leading position thanks to their commitment, creativity and expertise.


Social responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility strategy is to bring together our technology and our people in programs and partnerships that can make a real difference. Our objective is to help build a more responsible travel and tourism industry by fostering long-term development in the communities where we operate.

social responsability

In Singapore, Amadeus volunteers cleaned up MacRitchie Reservoir and participated in a workshop on how to live sustainably.

social responsability

In Kazakhstan, Amadeus volunteers cleaned up a tourist facility at the Ile-Alatau National Park in the Almaty region.


Amadeus industry affairs

Amadeus’ industry leadership comes with the responsibility of working with other stakeholders in the interest of the travel industry at large. We therefore engage regularly with governments, public entities, trade associations and other institutions globally.

Our approach to industry engagement

Our approach to industry engagement


Environmental sustainability

In 2019 the level of awareness and action against climate change reached unprecedented intensity. Travel industry sustainability and climate change in particular are global challenges by definition, and we need to work in cooperation to provide global solutions. In this context, we have been reinforcing our strategy to address environmental concerns – not only internally but also in cooperation with customers and industry stakeholders.


Corporate risk management

Since Amadeus adopted the Three Lines of Defense Model a few years ago, the model has fostered effective risk management across Amadeus, especially through the adoption of a Combined Assurance concept, through which we have expanded the coordinated management of control activities and the sharing of results.

Amadeus policies

Amadeus policies


Corporate governance

Amadeus upholds the highest levels of corporate governance, which helps us maintain our market leadership and our reputation as a trusted partner for customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Amadeus' corporate governance structure

amadeus policies


Shareholders and financial institutions

The Amadeus strategy framework has been designed to foster viability and sustainable growth to create long-term value. Additionally, it is important for Amadeus to maintain and effective and straightforward communication with its stakeholders in capital markets, ensuring transparency.

Amadeus’ share performance in 2019

share performance 2018


About this report

This chapter explains how we define the content of the Global Report from our materiality analysis as starting point, as well as the methodology to produce it. In addition, we describe our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. According to our assessment, we prioritize eight goals.

Amadeus contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

8 years Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

The quantitative and qualitative information published in the Global Report, as well as the fact that it’s verified by external consultants, have been key to remain in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.


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