Amadeus technology keeps the travel industry moving

With our technology, travelers get transparency, choice and simplicity, and our customers get the tools to drive growth and efficiency. We’re committed to innovation, so that we can power the solutions that will shape the future of travel.

At Amadeus, we’ve been putting technology at the heart of our business for more than 30 years.

Today, we continue to advance, with projects including open source systems, big data, cloud-based architecture and APIs, offering even more control to our customers and more options for travelers. We’re also building new partnerships to deliver additional value at scale.


Amadeus Data Center

We’re dedicated to working with our customers to shape the future of travel. We believe in building and maintaining long-term relationships, focusing on our customers' evolving business needs – and our Data Center is a great example.

Amadeus Data Center


The Amadeus Data Center is one of the largest data centers worldwide fully dedicated to travel. It’s a purpose-built facility and is wholly owned and managed by Amadeus. We have full control of the physical environment and so there’s no need to rely on third parties for security and data protection.

In 2017, more than 3.9+ million net travel bookings per day (peak) were processed, with over 20 travel-related bookings per second delivered into the Amadeus Data Center. The facility also hosts and manages passenger service and departure control systems for more than 100 airlines, as well as numerous other IT solutions for travel management companies, hotel companies and a host of other industry players.

Although the Amadeus Data Center remains as key company infrastructure, we’ve also implemented the Amadeus Cloud Services foundation technology. This uses a flexible mix of private data centers and public cloud enabling Amadeus to deploy services to remote locations nearer to customers. 

Amadeus Research and Development (R&D)

We are committed to ongoing investment in R&D as well as providing the expertise and added value that our customers' businesses need. 

In terms of R&D investment in the travel and tourism industry, we’re ranked as the second-largest R&D investor in the Software & Services sector in Europe (EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard) and are among the leading companies worldwide. In 2017, we invested more than €760 million in R&D, taking the total investment to an impressive €4.8 billion since 2004.

Amadeus' R&D talents conceive, design, develop and maintain some of the world's most complex, widely available, real time information systems accessed by hundreds of thousands of travel professionals and end-users.

Amadeus’ investment in R&D is also supported by a network of development centers across the world. All sites work closely together, with projects and product development increasingly distributed over several sites.


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Travel technology trends

We are a leading technology company, so keeping an eye on the latest technology trends and finding innovative ways to apply them in the travel industry is paramount to our success. This means that we are continuously commissioning research to stay ahead of emerging technologies.

Advances in technology, whether they are innovative travel solutions or new mobile breakthroughs, require us to be at the forefront of travel technology trends. Providing our customers with the latest technology ensures that they are well positioned to shape the future of travel.